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Standard Crown Cut

Standard Crown

Standard Quarter Cut

Standard Quarter

Book Matching

This traditional method of matching is achieved by taking successive leaves of veneer and reversing each alternate leaf so as to bring corresponding opposite edges together in a mirrored effect. This produces a symmetrical balanced pattern of grain and figure.

Book matching

Slip Matching

Successive leaves are taken from the same stock or flitch of veneer and jointed without turning alternate leaves over as in book matching. This produces a repeat pattern which varies gradually across the panel. This method is usually most effective when straight grain veneers are used.

Slip matching

Random Matching

Veneers of the same species, but not necessarily from the same log, are deliberately mixed and mismatched to produce an overall grain effect with no particular pattern. Butt or end grain jointing may be introduced in some leaves to add to the planking effect.

Random matching
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